Vintage Medical Supply Cabinet

Vintage Medical Supply Cabinet

We’re big on the industrial look right now and found an old steel medical supply cabinet that we couldn’t pass up. The finish needed some work but the cabinet was heavy, sturdy and well-made, not to mention stylish and interesting.

The Refinishing Process

The original yellow paint was faded and chipped and there were several areas of rust.

Vintage Medical Cabinet - BeforeVintage Medical Cabinet - Before

We stripped it down to the bare metal and refinished with a more industrial look.

The process involved brushing on paint stripper and scraping off as much of the old paint as possible, then using sandpaper to remove the remaining traces of paint and rust. Once we got a clean bare metal surface, we spray painted it black then sanded away to reveal the brazed joints and areas of steel. When we were happy with the look, we sealed it with a clear coat lacquer.

Fabulous Features

Vintage Medical Cabinet Door Detail - AfterVintage Medical Cabinet Drawer Detail - After

The cabinet is constructed of heavy gauge cold-rolled steel and features a piano hinge door with a spring button latch, two shelves (one fixed, one removable), a single spacious pull-out drawer with brushed steel knob, and shaped legs. The back side has two vents and two small holes along the top edge that must have once been used for mounting a towel bar.

Vintage Medical Cabinet Interior - AfterVintage Medical Cabinet Back View - After

From what we could find from our research, it appears the cabinet dates back to the 1950’s or 1960’s. Without any markings or tags on the cabinet, it has been difficult to track down specific information. The cabinet measures 35″ H x 20″ W x 16″ D.

Vintage Medical Supply Cabinet

With a little work, we gave this old medical cabinet a new look and turned it into a functional piece of furniture for our home. The cabinet now resides in our work room adding historical charm as well as much needed storage space.

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