Repurposed Antique Cast Iron Piano Stool

Repurposed Antique Cast Iron Piano Stool

We acquired the cast iron base of a piano stool from a local man who had started to refinish the metal. He had removed some of the old paint but then left it in storage with the refinishing incomplete. When we got it there was white paint remnants in the crevices of the metal and the wooden seat was missing.

Repurposed Antique Cast Iron Piano StoolRepurposed Antique Cast Iron Piano Stool

To complete the project, we applied paint remover to remove the last of the remaining old white paint, polished the metal with a steel wire brush, and sealed it with a clear satin spray. We replaced the wooden circular disk that supported the old seat and topped it with a new blue-sapphire granite top to repurpose the stool into an accent table. Since piano stools swivel, we are able to adjust the height.

Repurposed Antique Cast Iron Piano Stool

We love the shape and curves of the base and the weight of the cast iron. It’s always satisfying when a finished project looks as good as hoped and adds a pleasant interest to the home decor.

2 thoughts on “Repurposed Antique Cast Iron Piano Stool

  1. HI, I have come across a piano stool like the base of the one you show. We had the seat to it also. It has intricate iron that goes around the base of the stool. My father and I have stripped the paint but I’m trying to find information about the original stool. What did it look like when it was new? What was the seat made from? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Carla Davis

  2. The seat was missing, but the original would have been wood and almost certainly covered in fabric, perhaps with a fringe.

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