Lineberry Factory Railroad Cart

Lineberry Factory Cart

An original industrial “LINBERRY N. WILKESBORO, N.C.” factory cart made of oak with cast iron wheels, bolts, and plates. We rescued the cart from abandonment in a grassy field.

Raw Cart – Before Restoration

railroad-cart-top-beforeLineberry Factory Cart

Finished Cart – After Restoration

Lineberry Factory CartLineberry Factory Cart

The restoration process involved:

  • Disassembling all the pieces – taking out nails and removing nuts and bolts.
  • Removing rust from the metal components via electrolysis, then covering with a clear coat to prevent further rusting.
  • Finishing the white oak wood with a black cherry stain and a clear top coat.
  • Topping the table with a piece of 1/2″ tempered glass with rounded corners.

A little bit of history…these “three-wheel carts” were made in Wilkes County, North Carolina by the Lineberry Foundry and Machine Co. During much of the 1900’s, they were sold to furniture, textile, and other factories across the Southeast about as fast as the company could produce them.

Linberry factory carts were desired for their quality and sturdiness and considered the flagship brand of factory carts. They are also commonly called railroad carts because they were originally used in train depots for transporting baggage.

The cart is now a beautiful coffee table in our family room.

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