Antique Wooden Rolling Storage Rack

Antique Rolling Rack Wheels

We purchased this antique wooden storage rack from a couple who had happily owned it for many years. They decided to sell it because their grandchildren thought it was just too much fun to race it through the hallways of their home. They had used it in the pantry, the laundry room, and closet to store and stack everything from books and toys to linens and dishes over the years.

Antique Wooden Rolling Rack

Originally, it had been designed as a shoe rack (or so we were told). The shelves are slightly slanted towards the front. The solid oak rack is all built atop creeper castors. The castors are an interesting detail and although they look a little awkward they actually roll quite easily.

We found the perfect place for it in our home where we can display some of our favorite treasures and pictures. We love the character and history of the rack. It is a cool find!

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