Antique Fairbanks Candy Scale

Antique Fairbanks Candy Scale

Here is an antique 16oz Fairbanks candy scale with a solid brass removable pan/scoop pan and a cast iron fishtail base. The calibrated beam and sliding weight are also made out of brass.

Antique Fairbanks Candy ScaleAntique Fairbanks Candy Scale

Fairbanks made over 10,000 different models of scales and we believe this one dates from the late 1800’s. The various types of mercantile counter balance scales were used to measure amounts of candy, seed, grain, and pharmaceuticals.

Antique Fairbanks Candy Scale

The scale has a nice patina and we left it in it’s original condition. The scale sits on our living room coffee table filled with Kin Leo Soft Peppermint Puffs.

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